Saturday, December 27, 2014

Being naughty doesn't make you a bad person

I was a naughty boy before. Being naughty doesn't mean you are a bad person. And being naughty, everyone still like you. But at some point, you have to make sure that your naughtiness have a limit.

Why? Well, naughty is something that relate with childish act or else being immature.
When you reach 20 above, your behaviour will starting to change. What I mean is, you are being a mature person. But what does a mature person always do? You can tell it by yourself. Whenever you are with someone which the situation is in a serious environment, you have to be serious. Why? Okay when you are trying to say something to someone, or you want to teach someone, he/she doesn't listen to you. What they do is perhaps, laughing, giggling with all your saying or even do something else rather than listen to you. This is one of the childish act that you must avoid when you reach 20 and above.

What am I trying to say is, when you are having conversation with someone especially when it comes to a serious matter, please be serious. Try to listen on everything they say to you.

I will give a situation whereby your girlfriend is trying to talk about something with you, perhaps when she calls you or you meet her face to face.

GF: Baby.... I was blablablabla....blablablabla....blablabla.....
BF: Ohhh really? Then what happened?

And at first you tend to listen to what she's saying but then...

GF: I was......blablablabla....blablablabla.......
BF: *trying to change the topic*Eh honey, have you seen this....blablabla...
GF: I was trying to tell you! Please listen!! Okay bye

Then she hang up the phone......

Have you ever been in this kind of situation? Sure you do right. Because this thing happened to me recently. When my sweet girlfriend trying to share something to me and I was like "Eh cantiknya ni..." Then she knows that I was like don't want to hear what she's saying then she hang up her call. One whole day she doesn't want to talk to me. Yes it's kinda hurt you know when people doing that to you.

So please people, being matured doesn't mean you stop watching cartoon, do crazy things or whatever you want to do, but it is about respecting each other. And its about how can manage to get over your feeling and how you treat your loved one nicely.


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