Sunday, May 10, 2015



There are thousands of fashion brands out there but my favourite shoe brand will always, be this Macbeth. It's a label that incorporates the love of music and the need for something a little but different in the fashion industry. However I always wonder what are the key elements of this amazing brand that make them stand out among all other top brands in the market?
Well, honestly I think it's because Macbeth has several characteristics that actually set it apart from other shoe brands. They are known widely as a label that makes really good sneakers. They are in fact, the original music footwear brand created by musicians!

Know what? Their famous collection of Macbeth vegan shoes can be considered as the only true vegan shoes collection. If you guys are wondering what vegan shoes are, Macbeth uses water-based glue and vegan materials for their products unlike many other brands that use the normal regular glue and vegan materials. How cool is that!

The best thing about Macbeth Malaysia is that they have collaborated with many great musicians before like Fred Mascherino and Hunter Burgan. For them to get the chance to work with famous rockstars they had to force themselves and live the lifestyle of a rockstar, which they soon found out was pretty awesome. Basically they meet the artist to figure out what exactly they want and need, then Macbeth will                                          make it happen.

I believe they are going to keep making awesome and great shoes with more collaboration with top artists. As for me, Macbeth will always be in my top favourite brand list!

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EFLQUϟ TNP said...

I have a many Macbeth Shoes .
Macbeth Shoes has Sport Shoes // I like it.
And I see Rockstar have a this shoes