Monday, December 14, 2015

I don't know whether it is a good thing or not

Things are getting tougher these days. I need to make up my decisions real quick. Otherwise I will end up being frustrated over something.
It's about my feeling.
I don't know whether to follow my heart or what.
No no its not about that but it's about is it I'm going to be okay or not with this decision I made? Or I will end up being like before.
The truth is I love her as much as I do. And all I can think is her right now.

Even though I know that sometimes girl can be so complicated, but she is the only one I have. And as long as she stays with me, I will stay.
I accept everything at her. I love just the way she is.

Sweet, romantic, kind-hearted, overly attached, that's all I can relate about her.

Only Allah knows how much I love her.

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Ar Razi said...

assalamualaikum bro azim,

my advice to you as a muslim.
I think you should, do "Solat Isthikharah"
leave your decision in the hands of Allah.

and one more thing, if that girl is the one your love you should consider
about her knowledge about islam,

what about the way she dress?
what about her solat?
how is she when she is surrounded by other men?

this thing you should consider,

thats all from me,

ar razi.